Working with Murray & Walker, Inc.

David Murray and Lee Walker’s well-developed network of reliable, highly skilled contractors enables Murray & Walker, Inc. to provide powerful business and technology solutions for their clients. 

While their experienced, in-house team provides a comprehensive list of services, specialized contractors can augment their capabilities by providing the resources and knowledge to fulfill any project. 

The Benefit of Contractors

One way that contractors enhance Murray & Walker’s capabilities is by providing unique services that bolster their core team’s efforts. While the team at Murray & Walker codes primarily in Python, bringing in individuals who possess more specialized skill sets or experience with different languages lets the team fulfill a more diverse set of projects.

According to Zach Ware, “Contractors offer flexibility on availability, providing expertise in various areas.” His specialties include Python coding on Windows, for which he has been recognized as a Python Software Foundation Fellow member.

On one project which involved writing a GUI program for a broadcast media company, Zach was able to significantly improve the team’s capabilities. His expertise with packaging Python to run on Windows supplemented Murray & Walker’s core skills. His contract work enabled the team to provide their services more completely and speedily for their client.  

The Perfect Fit for Every Project

Throughout Murray & Walker, Inc.’s extensive industry experience, they have carefully cultivated positive relationships with many contractors. This enables their team to develop a large web of trusted associates who are capable of assisting on a wide variety of projects. 

Working in conjunction with Murray & Walker’s project management team, contractors can also enable the company to fulfill projects outside of their normal purview. When Murray & Walker were contracted to develop an Application Programming Interface (API) web app for digital radio services, they knew exactly who to turn to: Scott Hepler. 

“They knew that I had experience with PHP programming, so when their client needed someone with that skill set they knew I was perfect for the job,” Scott says.

Their team was able to quickly bring Scott aboard and integrate him into the project, where he was a valuable contributor and cemented his reputation as a capable, diligent web developer. 

“David formed a great connection with their client, and then transferred that connection to me,” Scott explains. “His effort to facilitate our connection made the contracting process fast and easy.”

Positive Dynamic

Murray & Walker, Inc., recognizes the valuable contributions that contractors make for their clients. That’s why they make every effort to ease the on-boarding process with clear, open dialogue, and by giving contractors the space they need to operate. 

Both Zach and Scott highlight the positive dynamic they enjoyed while working with the team at Murray & Walker, Inc. Zach credits their clear expectations and a focus on delivering thorough work as key factors in the “great experience” he has had. 

Scott notes that Murray & Walker, Inc. were very fast and responsive while communicating with him. He also credits their team with providing prompt, easy payments for his services, an important factor for many contractors. Their transparency enabled Scott to focus exclusively on providing programming solutions for their client.

Join the Team

By continually developing their network of trusted contractors, the team at Murray & Walker, Inc. is able to supplement their in-house capabilities and tackle any project. This translates into powerful, quickly-delivered solutions for their clients, no matter how challenging the project.

If you are interested in joining their network, fill out an application and contact them today.