10 Years of a Better Business Model

For the last ten years, David Murray and Lee Walker of Murray & Walker, Inc. have developed and delivered powerful business and technology solutions for organizations of all sizes. Now, they’re reflecting on the business they have built – and why they’ve been so successful. 

Core Values

With any company, it’s important to define the cultural values that will help shape a corporate attitude and guide how you will meet goals, treat customers, and build for the future.

According to David, “Integrity is one of our core values. We always want to make sure that we do a good job for our customer, and that we earn everything with hard work.” 

Their emphasis on integrity isn’t limited to their customers. While writing a Python program for a client, their customer approached David and Lee about hiring one of Murray & Walker’s contractors, Zachary Ware, to work for their company full-time.

They immediately informed Zachary about the potential job. Although he ultimately turned down the offer, it was important to David and Lee that Zachary knew he had the full support of Murray & Walker no matter which direction he chose.

“It’s important to build positive work relationships,” Lee says. Mutual trust and respect are the building blocks for healthy, productive relationships with both coworkers and clients.

Culture of Accountability

Another key tenet of Murray & Walker, Inc. is their non-traditional business model. They work closely with a well-developed network of contractors, which enables them to fulfill a variety of specialized projects.

“We believe that flexibility is the key to happiness, higher productivity, and ultimately a better product,” Lee explains. 

Adopting a flexible approach enables their team to complete projects and meet deadlines while working on their own schedule. Often, this work is done from different locations.

“I’ve been working remotely since 2003,” David says. “Even IT support and networking can be done remotely. I still visit my clients at least once a year, which helps us maintain positive relationships, but I can accomplish a lot more outside of an office.”

In a flexible, independent workplace, cultural accountability plays a critical role in ensuring that tasks are completed to high standards. 

As Lee explains, “It’s important to develop habits that you know consistently deliver better results.” He believes that developing a firm work ethic and implementing personal accountability will make excellence habitual.

A Rising Tide

“When David and I started talking about this, I thought it would be a good platform for creating a better company that provides real value, not just a place to work,” Lee explains. “At first, we just focused on doing the best we could, and made improvements along the way.”

He emphasizes that his and David’s diverse backgrounds, coupled with the invaluable experience they have gained in the past decade, are a large part of what makes Murray & Walker so successful. 

David and Lee’s respective skill sets also help them assist customers who might not be familiar with the benefits of implementing tech solutions for businesses.

“A lot of times I see disparity in our community between high-tech and non-tech people,” Lee says. “People don’t know what they don’t know.” 

David and Lee are able to eliminate that disparity by working cohesively. Together, they are able to combine critical thinking skills, coding knowledge, and unique perspectives in order to assess and fulfill their client’s individual needs.

Ten years after their founding, David and Lee continue to push each other to excel. “It’s an old saying, but a rising tide raises all ships,” Lee says. Demanding higher standards, establishing core values, and creating a cohesive vision for future growth has enabled them to build a company that, in turn, raises their client’s profiles and capabilities.

Who knows what the future will hold in another ten years? But with their flexible business model and established practices, Murray & Walker are ready for what’s ahead.